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Camino Real Gold Tequila

Camino Real Gold Tequila
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750 ml @ 3400
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Category: Tequila
Subcategory: Gold Tequila
Brand: Camino Real
ABV: 40%
Country of origin: Mexico
750 ml: Br 3,400.00
Camino Real Gold Tequila price in Ethiopia
Product Name Camino Real Gold Tequila
Sizes 750 ml
Price Br 3,400.00
Country of origin Mexico
Alcohol content 40%
Brand Camino Real
Type tequila
Availability In Stock
Shipment cost Free delivery in Nairobi
Product description
It is made from a special kind of blue agave Weber, which is grown only in the vicinity of the state of Jalisco, Nayarit, Michoacan and Guanajuato in Mexico and can not be breed elsewhere. Tequila Camino Real Gold, it is a golden drink with a specific, mild flavor and aroma of the blue agave.