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Tarara Fine Ethiopian Coffee

Tarara Fine Ethiopian Coffee
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1kg @ 950
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Category: Others
Subcategory: Coffee
Brand: Jalannera plc.
Country of origin: Ethiopia
1kg: Br 950.00
500g: Br 500.00
250g: Br 250.00
Tarara Fine Ethiopian Coffee price in Ethiopia
Product Name Tarara Fine Ethiopian Coffee
Sizes 1kg - 500g - 250g
Price 1kg @ Br 950.00 - 500g @ Br 500.00 - 250g @ Br 250.00
Country of origin Ethiopia
Brand Jalannera plc.
Type Others
Availability In Stock
Shipment cost Free delivery in Nairobi
Product description
Since Tarara Coffee was founded in 2006, it has secured its position as Ethiopia's premier roasting company. The Bagersh family has taken pride in producing and promoting fine Ethiopian Coffee since 1947. In the last decade , the family has expanded its coffee estates to now cover every major coffee producing region in Ethiopia. Tarara Benefits from the deep knowledge and experience the Bagersh family has in sourcing the finest washed and sundried beans from across the country. With expertise in blending the different flavors and aromas from around Ethiopia ranging from the Yirgacheffe and sidamo to Harar and Lekempti; the Bagersh family has developed a keen Knowledge in creating a distinctive cup of coffee. currently Tarara coffee is consumed by some of the most prestigious restaurants and cafes around Ethiopia.