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Malta Guinness Bottle

Malta Guinness Bottle
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330 ml @ 30
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Category: Beers
Subcategory: Non Alcoholic Malt Drink
Brand: Meta Abo Brewery S.C
Country of origin: Ethiopia
330 ml: Br 30.00
Malta Guinness Bottle price in Ethiopia
Product Name Malta Guinness Bottle
Sizes 330 ml
Price Br 30.00
Country of origin Ethiopia
Brand Meta Abo Brewery S.C
Type beers
Availability Out of Stock
Shipment cost Free delivery in Nairobi
Product description
Malta Guinness is brewed with only the finest ingredients; Sucrose, Maize, Sorghum, Barley, Malt extract, Sorghum Malt, Caramel, Hops, water, several vitamins & minerals, etc. It remains the favorite Malt drink in Nigeria for Goodness, Energy & Vitality.Malta Guinness is the malt drink that fills you with the energy and vitality that makes your day come alive.